The Book was initially for me and my family’s benefit taking many years to complete, researching, studying, sifting through numerous resources in libraries, bookshops, internet, workshops, as well as experiencing numerous practices and methods first hand, training, listening, locally or afar from many parts around the world.  

As I progressed it all unfolded naturally bringing together everything in a complete way covering every aspect from biology, chemistry, physics, quantum physics, astronomy, philosophy, nutrition, medicine, psychology, ancient knowledge and practices to new science.  I eventually decided that everyone should benefit from reading my findings and decided to self-publish.  

The information is delivered in a way that can be comprehended and utilised in our every day lives.  You will realise that you are not doing enough, or the right things that we are led to believe are to protect your health.  You will learn how to look after yourself relearning your childhood education in a way that you can apply to your day to day life which ultimately leads to a much easier and happier way to live your life.

Each chapter provides you with fundamental knowledge to understand how your body and mind functions and will give you an insight to view yourself at a quantum level.  It incorporates all the negative effects your surroundings have on you whether in your home, work, nature, cosmically or the lifestyle choices you make.   Simple solutions in all lifestyle areas are provided, to help you to maintain and bring about health, happiness success and prosperity.  

The Book can be used as an everyday reference guide but the reader will gain the most by reading the complete works, and it is especially recommended to read twice (in good time!).  The reader can either utilise the suggestions or it will lead them on their own journey to the panacea that is right for them. 

I know that you will gain much from The Book and the changes you decide to make in your life will hugely benefit our natural environment that we need to protect to maintain a long happy healthy life.   


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