About Linde

I am one of four children and grew up in Smarden for the most part of my childhood in a beautiful Canadian-style wooden one-storey house on stilts with a veranda in an acre of land that had an orchard of apples, pears, quinces and cherries surrounded by fields, woodland and, a very haunted forest (Pluckley) a mile or so up the road.  Our pets were goats, cats and a tortoise.  Went to school in Smarden, then Tenterden but only attained my O’levels and degree equivalent in Business Management after I left at 16 and subsequently a BSc Hons in Herbal Medicine.  I spent six weeks of each school summer holidays with Austrian (non-English speaking) grandparents in a remote mountain village, often roaming the mountains for wild mushrooms and berries with them, went hunting with my grandfather, and in Winter, skiing.  Barry Sheene was my idol in the 70’s and subsequently I bought my first motorbike at 17.  I love travelling and experiencing all the natural wonders of the World and have had the opportunity to travel to many parts. I have always been interested in nature and the natural environment, being fit, healthy and using natural alternatives in medicine. 

My first career, was in Local Government where I was responsible for issuing Contracts of Employment to all staff in schools in South East Kent, I also trained Head Teachers on HR and to those of Grant Maintained Schools on Financial Management.  My second career I became a PA to a local successful businessman, self-made multi-millionaire, who created a construction company of excellence, and contrastingly owned and ran his hugely successful World-class Superbike racing team as well as renovating a Hotel and a profile of contemporary Pubs.

I have one amazing child, George, and you will meet him imminently in his own successful ventures, so watch this space.  

My latest project, which I have spent many years putting together, has been in the writing of ‘The Book’ which was catalysed by the death of my father.  I felt there were many questions that were never answered in my education and wondered why so many people who opt to live ‘healthily’ are often struck down with debilitating or life threatening illnesses or have their lives cut short.  I also want to make a much bigger impact towards saving our environment than our society is allowing.  This is the result so far.