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My first impression on seeing the substantial physical volume of Linde’s work was rather a daunting one. Within moments of opening ‘The Book’ I found myself fully immersed in the vast amount of collected wisdom from the broadest spectrum of human knowledge.

The author has produced a masterpiece of a practical guide to understand and live a fulfilling life. She has done the hard work on behalf of the reader by delving into resources from science, psychology, the physical and spiritual aspects experienced throughout the range of cultures from historical times to modern day by mankind.

The work shows the liveliness and great curiosity of the author’s mind as she explains numerous complex concepts in an easy to digest format. It makes one re evaluate so many everyday practical issues of our lives. The subject matter covers each and every imaginable aspect of human life.

This is a work of passion and desire. Those fortunate enough to read this book will be enriched by this experience and will also use it as a reference throughout their lives.

A wonderful and exciting read for all who care about life and living it.

Dr Deepak Bhinda BChD

Wow!! What a book The Book is. Everything you need to know to make life run smoothly under one cover. Brilliantly researched and obviously practised by the author the solid knowledge is incredible for one person to have been able to absorb let alone put down on paper. Subjects have been cross referenced in order for the reader to take each area that little bit further if they so wish. I have the hardback copy of The Book as well as the ebook. I have found this invaluable as I can have the ebook with me on a daily basis when I wish to look things up on the move but it is also very satisfying to flick through the hardback when I have more time as this highlights the fact that all the contents are intrinsically linked which is not so apparent in the ebook version purely because you can't physically see more than one page at a time - if that makes sense!! Enjoy and feel the benefits I certainly do.

Lizzie Winwood

Such a comprehensive knowledge base of pretty much everything for your health, wellbeing and changing your outlook on life and your surroundings. There is so much information to digest and a great source to refer to and extend your knowledge on a great deal of highly current topics. I cannot recommend this enough, if possible you get a lot of benefits reading cover to cover, but you may want to set yourself plenty of time to do so! Otherwise a great reference to re-visit again and again.


Thank you so much for the book I have been waiting for all my life!! It will be my life saver... you are a life saver... Now I must work hard to put the theory into practise... that is the true test!.. and an ongoing one... you've given us the tools... Thanks for giving me hope.

Isabel Howlett-Comas

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